Butterfly Valley, Mugla Province, Fethiye, the valley located within the borders of the town of Oludeniz. Located on the skirts of Babadag, one of the 100 mountains proposed for preservation as a world heritage due to its endemic species, Butterfly Valley was declared a natural site on February 8, 1995 and closed to all kinds of constructions. Surrounded by steep rocky walls reaching 350 meters, the valley is named after more than 80 species of butterflies and especially tiger butterflies. The waterfall, which is located at the origin of Faralya and poured from a height of 50 meters, reaches the Mediterranean with a stream passing through the middle of the valley.

The unique geographical structure of the Butterfly Valley is the subject of research and laboratory work by bitter and devout scientists, especially botanists and entomologists; National and international environmental organizations and ecological formations.

Access to the Valley of Butterflies is provided by the boat from Oludeniz. A path from the Faralya (Uzunyurt) neighborhood reaches the valley; But due to the rope climbing roots and the variable surface, it should be done with a guide.

In the Butterfly Valley, a facility has been introduced to protect the natural life and to take the necessary precautions to pass on the projects. The facility, which provides visitors with accommodation in tents and tree houses, has a daily capacity of 500 guests and, in addition to ecological agriculture on the 100-acre land of Butterfly Valley, Purification, marine clean-up and clean energy projects.

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