Lycian ancient city near Fethiye.

45 km from Fethiye. It is located near Minare Village in the distance. In Lycian language, Pinale or Pinara means "round".

A tradition of cult was settled in Pinara in memory of Pandarus, which was mentioned in the Iliad, where the Trojans were among the allies of the Trojans. That's why Pandarus is Pinara's native. Moreover, according to mythology, the population of Xanthos increased so much that they separated from a group of cities from old ages and set up Pinar city on a round hill in the foothills of Mount Kragos (Babadağ).

Pinara is one of the cities of Lycia union with 3 votes. This demonstrates that the city has an important position during the period, and the remains confirm this view. However, the history and epigraphic records of Pinara are very few. The city has undergone several major earthquakes. After the 8th century, he completely lost his importance.

The remains of the city such as rock tombs, sarcophagi and walls, baths, theater, agora and odeon were reached daily.

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