Yediburunlar, lying between Oludeniz and Patara, is a natural wonder that few people know. A paradise where the blue of the Mediterranean merges with the lush forests.

Yediburunlar, known in ancient times as Hiera Akra (Holy Nose), is composed of the south side of the line with seven ghostheads, the Bad, the Starboard Devil, the Flat, the Sword and the Olive. There are tiny untouched valleys between the noses which suddenly rise to the land and turn into the hills and mountains.

Each one gives a distinctive color rendition from the other. Due to the sudden outbreak of storms in the region, the sailors passing through here must watch clearly. It is Balartlı and Sanjak Koylar between Balartlı Karaburun and Yediburunbaşı, which are taken from land, but only by walking from the sea and only from the sea. The area in which history and nature are intertwined also draws attention to ancient settlements. Sidyma, a settlement of Lycia in the village of Dodurga, presents Kalbantia at Sanjak Port and Pidnai rich remains of eleven zodiac in Gavurağılı. Hand-woven carpets and rugs at the tip of the famous Yediburunlar neighborhood are worth seeing. It ends with Zeytin Burnu at the foot of the Sandak mountain. Yediburunlar. It is separated from Ozlem Brook by 18 km of spectacular Patara Beach.

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