It is a region that is not allowed to be established because it is located near Yesilkoy town of Antalya province Kas district and it is covered by protection area. Also known as Fırnaz Cove, Muar Kuru or Mughar Kuru.

For transportation by land, after the 4 km of Kalkan in the direction of Kas-Kalkan, the road separation before Yeşilköy town center is used. The road reserved for road transport is not paved because the area is covered by the protected area. For this reason, the unique beauty of koya is achieved after a bit of a hard journey.

Another way of transportation is by sea by renting a boat from Kalkan.

One of the absolute visiting points of local and foreign yachts, mud and mud can be made in the bay, which is believed to make the people rejuvenated. The clarity of turquoise waters never changes throughout the year. The bay, which is surrounded by steep slopes, is also located on the Lycian Way.

The most important of the works bearing the traces of ancient times in the region is the aqueduct known as the Hole Belt. This arch was designed to solve the water problem of Patara, the most important city of the Lycian period. Despite adverse land conditions, the belt, which has been constructed using a highly creative engineering technique compared to the era, has been attracting a large number of tourists every year in order to ensure that the water rises past the hills.

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