Saklıkent Canyon, Antalya-Mugla border line drawn by the Karacay, which is the crown of the Esen River canyon. A steep and deep canyon has been formed with the help of fault cracks in the limestone area where the water can easily be abraded. Its length is 18 km and its height is 200 m. The narrowest place is 2 meters down. Karachay, a branch of Esen Stream, is 14-17 m³ / s at the exit of Canyon. [1]

Since the canyon floor is full of violent running water, it is impossible to pass through the water. The entrance can be made with a 200 meter wooden bridge attached to the steep slopes of the canyon with iron bars. After the bridge there are strong Karstic sources which are quite cold. The area used as a picnic place during the summer season is 180-210 thousand tourists per year.

The surrounding area of ​​the canyon was declared with the Official Gazette dated 06.06.1996 and declared Saklikent National Park. There are three villages of Kaş and Fethiye in the national park area of ​​12,390 hectares. According to the height of the plant communities seen in the area, Maki, Kızılcam, Karacam and Sedir communities are formed.

The current is very violent and cold water flows. While continuing from Patara to Kınık direction to the west of Antalya, it is 16 km from Saklıkent sign and it is very close to Xanthos antique city.

The discovery of the canyon is very close. According to the narratives, the canyon, which a shepherd has discovered by going after his fleeing cattle, becomes a matter of curiosity in the surrounding settlements. Following the declaration of the shepherd, the Ministry of Environment and Forest declares Saklıkent as a National Park, and with the support of private companies Saklikent becomes its present state.

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