M.S. It is referred to as an incident that passed through the head of Mercian, the emperor of 450-457. As a simple soldier, according to mythology, Mercian, who joined the war against the Persians, left the siege as he sick on the road and remains in Slyma. Mercian brothers, who set up friendship with two brothers in the city, look at their illness. When Mercian comes out with his brothers for a little improvement, Mercian tells Merciana when he wakes up and rests in the sleeping room, and when he wakes up, he sees a big eagle in the air by winging its wings open. They comment that this may be an indication of empire. The Mercian promises that this will not be possible, but if there is such a situation in the future, the two brothers will promise that the city will be a great place. Years later, after the death of the second Theodosius, he took the promise he gave to the Mercian brothers who had ascended to the throne, bringing them to the highest positions of Lycia. The pointed hill rising to the west of the city is the acropolis which is the first settlement of the city. However, the remains on it are dated to return later. On the southeastern side of Tepen, about 400 m. There are fortification walls in the length. At the eastern end, which retains walls, there is a small theater remains where a few seating lines can be seen. Other remnants arriving from the ancient city can be selected locally among the village houses today. The vast majority of the ruins are monumental tombs. Many sarcophagi, rock tombs and monumental tombs belonging to the process of the necropolis in the eastern part of the city, starting from the classical period to the Roman period, are among the works that can survive on the soil.
Transportation: The ancient city is separated from the 50th km of the Fethiye-Kas highway to the west by a road which is usually stabilized and 12 km. After reaching the destination.

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