The neighborhood has a known history of 250 years. It is a Turkmen neighborhood established by people from Karakeçili tribe coming from Urfa / Birecik region. The old name of the neighborhood is Pirha, and the people who settled (Halitler - Aykılıçlar) were given this name because they were Bezirgan / Merchant Karakeçili Turkmens. Most of these tribes still live intensively in Urfa and its counties. This tribe belonging to the Kayı boy who established the Ottoman Empire is heavily located in and around Elazığ. The relatives of this village, whose roots are based on Mosul / Kirkuk Karakeçililer, are still living in Urfa Birecik county with the name of Bezurgan. It is a brave Turkoman boy who has come out scattered from Siverek / Mizar region. The village continues Turkmen culture and customs. There is also an extension in Afşar Turkmens.

It is 193 km to the province of Antalya and 42 km to the town of Kaş.
The economy of the neighborhood is based on agriculture and animal husbandry.

In the neighborhood, there is no primary school but there is a transport education. There is a drinking water network in the neighborhood, since the earth is humus, it eliminates all kinds of filth, so there is no need for sewage. There is no PTT branch and PTT agency. There is a health stove. The road leading to the neighborhood is fully asphalt and there are electricity and fixed telephone in the neighborhood.

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