Meis (Kizilhisar, Greek: Καστελλόριζο / Kastellorizo, officially: Μεγίστη / Megisti, Italian: Castelrosso) is an island in the Dodekanesos province of Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is only 2.1 km from the Turkish coast (Kas, Antalya). The surface area is 7.3 km².

Kastellorizo ​​(Megisti or Meis), the only settlement on the island, It is a distorted form of the Château-Roux (Red Castle) which the Jean Knights gave to the island due to the red rocks there. St. After the Jean Knights, the island entered Egypt, Naples and Ottoman rule in 1512 respectively. The Ottomans held the island in their hands until shortly after 1915. During the First World War, the island was handed over to France by the Treaty of Lausanne (1923). In the aftermath of the Second World War (1948) it was linked to Greece along with the Twelve Islands.

Grape and olive grown in a small amount in the island is the most important sponge hunting. The coast can be entered only on the eastern shore of the island, which is extremely steep and steep. The only settlement is the Kastellorizon (Megisti) village on this coast.

Rhodes has ferry and airline connections. Apart from that, it is possible to go to Meis city every day with the ferry moving from the town of Kas in Antalya. There is an airport in the island. There are only bus services between the airport and Megisti on the island.

Population is 406 people according to the number in 2000. However, this figure can reach 1000 in the summer. The permanent population of 406 all reside in the village Meis (Megisti in the Ottoman Empire), also the largest settlement in the island.

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